Songs of Monday

Songs of Monday was developed as an interpretation of William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience. In this artist book variation, I delve into the creation of ornamental motifs that emulate the presence of a frame while employing a variety of typefaces to subvert the conventional use of fonts with manipulations. Each poem is dedicated to a specific day of the week, aiming to juxtapose the intricacy of the frames and draw attention to overlooked details in the written content. Laser & laser-cut on 12” x 18” 50lb fine rice paper.

Monday is a daze
I wake up early
get a coffee
stay in the cozy confines of it’s familiar embrace

Wednesday arrives with divine dreams
The world rushes by, a blur of gray
while I stand in disarray
Songs of Monday

Friday is a rhyme so sweet
A melody composed in our life’s suite
A symphony of hope, a celestial flight
A gentle pause
Sunday’s respite
with no urgency
Saver the sublime

Thursday dawn like a hopeful hue
the week trial begins to fade a newfound serenade
Locked in a Tuesday
is a race of my breathless pace

A respite from the week
A day without fears
The promise of a leisure embrace
Let go of the strain
Saturday is sweetly complete