Visuals created for Prattler’s 2023 bi-annual issue.

“In the emergence of the digital age, an exaggerated sense of self-importance and the desire for attention or validation leads to a distorted sense of reality, causing oneself to become obsessed. We succumb to the constant barrage of intrusive thoughts, consumed by the desire to enhance ourselves beyond recognition. When creating the cover for this issue's theme- the thought of using my own model seemed most appropriate. The thought of seeing my own face magnified and reproduced in countless copies seemed most fulfilling.

Once I had scanned myself in 3D, I abstracted the figure to evoke a sense of emptiness, in response to the undeniable void that arises when we become solely fixated on obsessing over something. The sharp needle detailing that pierces through the model serves to intensify the feeling of inadequacy that can come from neglecting other aspects of life, pulling us deeper into the void. The mirrors add depth to the metaphorical and literal act of reflecting upon ourselves. My aim was to create visuals that were captivating- and in a way, dreamy, as an attempt to illustrate the romanticized way that one might view an obsession towards something. Or perhaps even the illusion that this sensation may induce, as one may fantasize about.

The pull of obsession is unique to oneself; an intensely personal experience. But let us not shy away from this pull, for in it lies the source of our greatest passions and potential for self-discovery. Let us relish in it while we can, and let our art be a reflection of our innermost obsessions.”

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