Memo offers a potential brand voice identity and system. Memo was designed alongside directing a prospective campaign. The potential digital brand offers various types of face-wear. Inspired by post-humanism aesthetics, futuristic overtones were applied to enhance the combination of technology and fashion. While providing interesting products, the brand fuses experimental visuals. With the incorporation of a post-humanist perspective – arguing that the human experience is being transformed by technology – Memo provides experimental design campaigns. Face-wear pieces were modeled from typefaces. Models were 3D scanned and then utilized as a base to showcase the wearable pieces.

On Jupiter and Mars

Brand Book for Memo

Created to represent Memo's identity, the mission of Memo is to consistently incorporate unique technological designs that push the limits of wearables through a contemporary approach challenging fashion constraints. With an emphasis on delivering experimental visuals, captivating designs attract the audience. The goal is to bring change in each campaign, constantly introducing styles to a diverse customer base interested in digital fashion, seeking to encompass it in their real lives.