Floor9 operates as a campaign strategy and a focused activist group, aiming to address and mitigate the gentrification affecting Asian communities like Chinatown. This initiative was established with the goal of fostering communal understanding across generational gaps, particularly between the younger generation in Gen Z and their older counterparts. The visuals were created in efforts to generate an audience between both groups. The messaging strategy is direct, with intentions embedded in visuals to establish a connection focused on preventing gentrification within the community. The choice of the name 'Floor9' is rooted in cultural significance, as the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture. The narrative behind this name conveys the idea that, as a collective, people are striving to return to floor 8 through these preventive measures.

My conceptual approach to the imagery aimed to capture the attention of older generations by featuring an Asian grandma as the significant face of Floor9's identity.