"Memory" takes the shape of an advertisement video set in a subtly fictional world, drawing inspiration from the show Maniac. Within this world, the video focuses on a particular memory, portraying an abstracted version inhabited by a specific character. Throughout this exploration, I also experimented with abstracting the form of applications, employing variations in scale and dynamic angles.

In this otherworldly realm, the app ___Memory__ allows individuals to store memories on their phones and set them aside. When activated, the app replays these memories in an immersive and realistic manner, capturing the true essence through all five senses. Users are prompted to intentionally forget their own memories afterward, reflecting the eerie atmosphere of a world seemingly encouraging inhuman behavior. The design of this application aims to embody a gentle tone, presenting a cybernetic and futuristic perspective on UX/UI design—reimagining the structures of websites, apps, and spaces where UX/UI design is prevalent.

While initially, I aspired to craft a narrative centered around a single character, I later concluded that the diverse nature of memories called for forms that could establish a more cohesive and collective sense.

Full video of Memory